Doing what you need to do and being what you need to be

In november 2015, I started to start my own business. I have always tried to have my own business, but somehow I always did something wrong and I didn’t know how to solve it. There were and still are many problems to be dealt with.

One of the problems is that I am not organized, chaotic and I am messy. I hate living with structure. But one of the fantastic things about me is that I know how to educate myself. And also, that I know how to be patient with myself.

So I looked at how I needed to be more organized, less chaotic and be more ordered. I looked at the people that would appear that way and I looked into their why’s and how they did what they did. I even looked at people with OCD. I read books, I read blogs and I talked with people. There were some things I would incorporate into my life, I made it my own.

Right now, I am one of the most organized and ordered people in my environment. I am happy I changed myself that way. I still can be messy, but I  know how to tidy up. I tidy up because the rush of starting a new day in a clean, organized setting beats being annoyed and irritated.

I know how to be what I need to be to live my life and how to start a business. The next thing to tackle will be how to deal with finances. I am not very educated in that area, but that’s not impossible. I will educate myself. I will read, i will talk with people, I will get the information so I am able to make the necessary decisions to make my business a successful one.

And if I fail, I may have lost the battle, but not the war. I will evaluate, I will look at how I need to be next time I come into that situation that made me fail before and I will get educated how to do better.

I am patient with myself. I understand I made a mistake and how it happened and I didn’t give up. I got up and kept on going. I will make more mistakes and I will feel badly, but I won’t give up. I can trust myself.

A successful business is not something glamorous. I know it can be, but if you see it only for that, you are not educated enough. You need to see it for the seed that was planted there. All the hard work that went in it, the diligence, the education and the patience. And also, you need to redefine what the meaning of success is to you?

So I just want to send this out there, please do not underestimate the value of patience. Be patient. Learn. Educate yourself. You will make mistakes.

Don’t give up!