Reasons and meaning

People say a lot of dumb shit like that. That proverb is the instigator of a lot of people blinded with some sort of weird thinking that they are important in the universe.

Things happen because of a cause or an event. Mostly, they have no meaning, or no reason. We, as humans, give it a meaning or a reason. We do that after the event or cause has occurred. But, because “Everything happens for a reason”, people like to get paralyzed. They enjoy giving away the choices they can make, the power of assigning a value and then proceed to lay blame.

There are some things that cannot be explained. And that has its reasons. Usually because our brain does not have the capacity to fathom it.

The math and science that applies in the universe is beyond our comprehension. Celestial bodies are destroyed and created on a daily basis or over an expansion of time. Our atomic-sized brains could never really understand our (lack of) meaning.

We all need to get a grip on that. We need to know about realism, how to find our own truths and anchoring. And throw in some Cartesian doubt in there and we’re all pretty much good to handle those hardships.

Some Cartesian doubt from Clueless
Some Cartesian doubt from Clueless

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